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Solar Power Solutions for Schools

Schools are an excellent place to use solar energy as they operate only during day hours. Solar power is providing to be an excellent source of light and power to schools in rural and urban areas that are lacking or have unreliable power source. In schools systems can be designed at minimum costs as they require very low or in some cases no battery banks, as they operate only during the day hours when our systems generate maximum amount of electricity. For a countries development, it is very important that their children get educated. Solar Energy can play a vital role in this respect by eliminating the cost of electricity and providing free power to schools situated in rural areas.

This is a very unique application as it is tailor made to suit the power requirement especially during Day hours Our products are well equipped to help schools harness the power of sun to bring the benefits of audio-visual teaching methods to rural schools. We empower children in rural and urban areas by providing solar products that powers lights, fans, computers in schools.


  • Economic Smaller systems with small or no battery banks
  • Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Really long life ( Solar panels – 25 yrs; Electronic devices – 5yrs)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero pollution
  • Easily expandable at minimal costs
  • Income tax benefits


Solar Modules 0.5 KWp to 200 KWp
Batteries 2V Lead- Acid/VRLA, 12V Lead acid/T-gell
Power conditioning Unit 0.5 KVA to 200 KVA
Mounting Structure MS painted/ Galvanized (hot dipped)
Solar Power Solutions for Schools

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