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Solar Energy: A boon for Rural India (source of employment, education, income)

We have been living in the sort of nature that takes us back to our roots. We might have created various kinds of ways of generating energy, but their insufficiency is bringing us back to exchange sources of energy like wind, solar energy, biogas and many more. If we take an expansive field then Solar Energy is a Boon For Rural India, which can accomplish the majority of our energy requirements. It has not become so flourishing yet because of its vast accomplishment and preservation cost. Many MNCs are bringing a diversity of solar energy items to cater the demands of people all across the globe and persistently enhancing the technology to make it cost effective, so that the common people can use it in their domestic or commercial establishments.

Solar energy can be very thriving if its industry side is bright. Government is contributing subsidy for solar energy items, big solar energy farms are being urbanized so that it can be used to supply electricity to far off places and villages in a very innovative way.

Solar energy has become a source of education, employment and income for the people living in faraway places where electricity have still not reached. The people living in rural areas have now started various procedures to absorb the solar energy then convert it into electricity and utilize it for their domestic as well as commercial purposes. This solar energy is extensivley used, for solar fan, solar lights, solar powered water pumps, solar cooking, solar water heating, solar crops drying, solar battery, etc., as a good replacement for conventional energy sources.

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