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Energy crisis in India

An energy crisis is any enormous bottleneck in the delivering of energy resources to an economy. This often refers to one of the energy resource utilized at a various time and place, specifically those that supply national electricity grids or serves up as fuel for vehicles. There has been a huge rise in the global demand for energy in current years as a consequence of population growth and industrial development. 

Amongst power and cuts prices rise in India and buck-passing between companies and politicians, can renewable power resolve the city’s energy troubles?

Greenpeace has revealed a recent report which shows the Delhi’s miserable failure to achieve renewable energy targets. “As the capital, Delhi receives 75% of its energy from coal plants located in other states. This has made the capital self-satisfied, and sluggish to consider other substitutes. 

The report also focused on the emerging inequity between urban and rural areas. Coal gulping also appeared at a vast environmental cost for the city, and the country, with India now on the edge of a public health crisis.

"This report is a condemnation of the entire policy framework around the dismissive attitude and renewable of the government towards it. Renewable power could have been an instrument to link the demand-supply gap in the energy sector all across India. But the toothless system combined with unambitious objectives has failed to give any momentum to renewables in India."

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