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Solar Energy A Better Replacement For Diesel Generators

Solar energy produced by solar panels is about partial the cost compared to electricity generated by a Diesel generator. Solar energy reduces noise and pollution and you can easily see why an innovative and potentially vast market for solar panels is rising in India. A quarter of a billion people in India cannot access to the grid, which supplies electricity for about half the worth of a solar panel – if it delivers at all.

Given the recurrent power cuts, solar power may soon even turn into a superior option for people on the grid. The advantages of solar energy is obvious and if proclaimed further price cuts for solar panels happen, they will all but replace diesel generators in a petite matter of time and quickly even starting to substitute the undependable coal powered grid. 

Following are some of the factors which ensures that solar energy is better than diesel generators Cost of diesel generators is more when compared to solar energy.
High Pollution is created by diesel generators when evaluated with solar energy. 
Efficiency of solar energy is better if proper heat is absorbed in comparison with Diesel generator.
Reliability of solar energy is more than diesel generators.

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